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Bali Bamboo Creations

Creative Arts Bamboo Bali

Plant this one is of course often we encounter everyday there may even be some of you who have it in the yard. Bamboo is a tree that is common among the general public. Bamboo is used as a prayer house tile backer, firewood or used as a miniature art.

Bali bamboo creations of art is very diverse, there are some crafts that you can encounter on the creative product of bamboo such as: woven, ship-calloused from bamboo, fan as well as materials for furniture such as desks and chairs. Bali bamboo creations of art is not a difficult thing that can be done by home craftsmen and artisans large scale industries.

Bali Bamboo CreationsBamboo usually sold per rod with a length different from one another will remain generally sold bamboo measuring 5 meters. One bamboo is on sale quite cheap ranging from Rp 5000- Rp 10,000. The selling price is quite cheap it is because bamboo is still a raw material, bamboo bali art creations is indeed only requires a small capital plus the cost of labor and equipment.

Process of woven bamboo creations of art Bali is arguably quite difficult, this is because the bamboo that has been purchased and the fiber to be cut very thinly once. With very thin cut is in addition requires prudence also requires extra skill and patience, because if a little off guard your hands can be scratched by sharp bamboo.

After the cut bamboo and thin diserat the artisans live weave only the desired shape. Shipbuilding-calloused very different to the manufacture of woven bamboo in which the stay was cut and shaped as desired, so the art creations of Bali more often in demand by the craftsmen, they usually turn them into diverse forms.

The results offered by bali bamboo creations of art is very lucrative, you can sell or ship-kapalam webbing and other art forms ranging from Rp 15,000.00 Rp 200,000.00. Well, it is very tempting is not it? Art bali bamboo creations have been exported to foreign countries so that the name is already fairly well known. So if you want to try this business?

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