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Bali Handicrafts Wholesale

Island of Bali, when we hear the name of course we will be considering how fantastic and pull what you have to offer there. In your place there are a wide variety of beautiful natural scenery plus traditional buildings that are still quality pure world, bali handicraft products are equipped with a hotel and villas star.

Bali handicraft products is a unique product, which is rarely found in other regions. When we vacation there then do not forget we stopped to buy bali handicraft products as souvenirs for the family at home. Various crafts here can be fairly inexpensive and diverse.
The tourists who vacation in Bali both domestic and foreign tourists certainly do not forget they took time to be buying bali handicraft products. Following are the various kinds of souvenirs Bali handicraft products that you can buy as souvenirs:

1. Craft carved limestone or sandstone
This craft raw material limestone mining results from the original in which the craftsmen accepted hereditary. The area that produces comes from Tabanan regency. This craft interesting for you can bring home this is because the result of very beautiful stone carvings besides that, you can order ahead of time what you want to carve on the stone.

2. Accessories of bone
When we talk of bone, of course feeling we would be horrified to hear but if you look at the craft of this course you thought would be different. Souvenirs from areas Gianyar is even transformed into tools of everyday such as: earrings, necklaces, brooches, wall hangings and others. With the cheap price you never thought that this one souvenir made of bone.

3. The typical Balinese mask
Bali Handicrafts WholesaleBali handicraft products which is of course one of the most striking as the typical Balinese products. In traditional Balinese mask form clarifies the nature of the accompanying art, such as a soft character, angry character and the character of wisdom. In Bali mask not only souvenirs but is a necessity in the ritual.
4. The traditional Kamasan paintings
The results of this one art that is different from other paintings it is because the content of the paintings contained depict mythology, the saga of the gods as well as fairy tales or folklore. Thus bali handicraft products this one is mandatory once you take home.

Well, that was some alternative products kerjianan bali that you can take home as souvenirs when you vacation there. The price offered is very cheap considering there is a recreation area of international class. So, which one you most want to buy?

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