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Characteristic Balinese Batiks

Most people know that there are only a batik cloth in Java alone, but on the island there is also a batik cloth that is similar but not identical or no similarity with Javanese batik. Batik Bali and explanation, batik Bali has a characteristic which is typical of Balinese batik motive lies in a combination of traditional and modern. The characteristics of traditional Balinese batik cloth that is very easily recognized by the distinctive emblems of Bali for instance dragon, heron, deer and turtles. Batik Bali due to have a more modern look fabric colors are bright and have a wavy pattern. All Balinese batik artisans given the freedom of expression as compared with the artisans on the island of Java because it is not too tied to a certain grip.
In the 70s Balinese batik industry was first entered in this paradise island. Before the 70s batik industry Bali is known as the Bali population udeng or cloth tied around the head when held religious ceremonies. Pande Ketut Krishna is the pioneer of batik industry stemming from Banjar Bali Tegeha, Batubulan village of Sukawati Gianyar and from the area Gianyarlah origins of batik Bali becomes more widespread development. The loom using manual loom seal commonly referred to handloom, batik mass product workmanship began by Pande Ketut Krishna. Loom machines abbreviated handloom have already customized tasting grip. Which patterns and motifs typical of Bali which is printed inside the loom.

Loom machines have a combination pattern between the island and the outside of the island. At the time of its development, many emerging seed batik craftsmen using natural materials, here are some names featured batik craftsmen include the following:
1. Arthur Karvan
2. The Supreme Pemayun
3. Star Mira
4. Mareo
5. Ida Ayu Bali Pidada brand batiknya Wong.
6. AA. Inten Trisna Manuambari Diamanta batiknya brand.

Characteristic Balinese BatiksFrom the first appearance of Balinese batik cloth, batik increasing industrial development progress.
Bali region is a region that became tourist choice all over the world as well as making a shopping paradise of Bali as an icon of ethnic goods. The hallmark of batik batik Bali Bali is unique and the most in demand by domestic tourists and newcomers. Moreover batik Bali is well known throughout the territory of the island of Java and abroad. Many who write Balinese batik as part of a shopping list, if traveled and visited the island because the island a lot of selling batik Bali.
Balinese batik fabrics are classified into three groups namely components based construction techniques, techniques and combinations of techniques stamp.

Here are some types of batik was done by using the process are:
1. Batik Cap
Is batik patterned batik, but not real batik cloth fabric in the cap by using a special tool to produce exactly the same motif batik or batik painting. Batik processing techniques are relatively short.
2. Batik
Batik cloth is still plain white and natural fiber. Examples of the material is wool, cotton and silk are made style by using a tool called the canting.
3. Batik Painting
Batik are painted by hand using tools and natural dyes on fabric choices are made not hot, finely designed a model of comfortable clothing.

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