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Indonesia Handicraft Products

Many sectors that can boost economic growth in Indonesia. One such sector is a creative industry. The government began working to improve the creative industries sector with several programs ranging from training and funding. In addition, Indonesia’s creative industries is expected to compete with the production of goods from abroad. The creative industry does need to be improved amid the free-market issues that Indonesia’s economic growth has also increased.

Creative industries in question here is the Indonesian craft product. Many Indonesian handicraft products are in great demand in the international market. Indonesian handicraft products include batik, wood carving, bamboo, stone and metal crafts, and puppet. Indonesian handicraft products are highly favored by overseas markets. In addition, the foreign tourists who come to Indonesia also took time to hunt for the Indonesian handicraft products.

1. Batik
Batik is Indonesia handicraft products are very famous. Batik was made the traditional Indonesian fabrics and worn during formal and non-formal. Some foreign meaning batik wear even when an important event. Batik is synonymous with Java, yet several regions in Indonesia also has its own variety of batik. Batik is Indonesia handicraft products are most popular.

2. Wood carving
Indonesia Handicraft ProductsIndonesian handicraft products is also not less popular is wood carving. The most famous wood carvings in Indonesia comes from Jepara. Wood carving enthusiasts not only from within the country, but also abroad. Many types of wood carvings have been exported out of the country.

3. Woven bamboo
Indonesian handicraft products are woven bamboo next. This type of craft is traditional and simple look. However, Indonesian handicraft products this one is also able to penetrate the international market. Woven bamboo creations are much in demand among other things the hood of food, decorative lamps, chairs, and a variety of other home decoration.

4. Agate
Are you including agate fan? Lately the Indonesian people do a lot of talking stone on this one. Stones that are generally made jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and so is also in demand by foreign markets. Indonesia also has many precious stones and metals that can be of high export value.

5. Puppet
This is Indonesia handicraft products to penetrate foreign markets. Aside from being a legacy of art, puppets also become popular Indonesian handicraft production. Many people who buy these craft for collection or just for souvenirs.

Similarly, some Indonesian handicraft products which have high export value. We shall be proud and to preserve domestic production. Stay love domestic products.


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