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Indonesian Balinese Masks Arts And Handicrafts

Mask is one of the works that serves as a cover face with a variety of different forms. As one form of art, masks are also used as symbols and media for various activities such as ceremonies and performing arts.

In addition, the shape of the mask that assortment is often used as an illustration in an expression or character etched like depicts tenderness, anger, sadness, happiness, wisdom and more. The portrayal of a character or expression that is to make a mask rated as the arts are popular and have an existence in the various regions.

One area that has aesthetic value and wealth of variety as well as the symbols and meanings of the mask-making is Bali. It is no doubt that Bali is one of the places in Indonesia that has a strong culture and values set forth in the high-art.

His mask Bali and Works of Art
Indonesian Balinese Masks Arts Artwork Balinese masks have different shapes and varieties with a meaning which is reflected in the character that brings. Strength of character or characters who owned the Balinese masks craft carries special symbols and values that will be used for other activities in Bali. Examples of activities that includes the implementation of the mask as is customary local ritual.

Based on the above reasons, viewpoints, values, meanings and perceptions of each mask to provide an overview of its own to the wearer and the executor of indigenous participants even local ritual. Their perceptions, of some people associate the character and the character in the mask craft Bali with superstition and mystical things. But the rest of the perception of the character and the characters contained therein, craft mask Bali is a form of art that is worth sublime that belongs to the people of Bali.

Balinese masks As Community Identity
As a form of art and cultural identity owned Balinese masks, in the life of modern society view the mask as a work of art. In addition to its aesthetic value contained therein, not least the mystery and myths contained in the form of masks could give the impression that elusive unseen by the layman.

Their views or impressions that also makes handicrafts Balinese masks as art with promising sales value. Aside from being a product with a sale value, through Balinese masks craft capable of introducing the culture and identity of Bali and provide an assessment to the outside world that creativity on the island as the “island of the gods” is very high and will continue to evolve out of the hands of artists who have the skills.

Through craft Balinese masks are also expected to be the spearhead of the development of arts and culture other Bali. Culture is not only flexible but also selective in accepting and adopting the cultural influence of the outside, so that in the future new creativity emerged in art, especially craft Balinese masks without losing their identity.


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