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Indonesian Coffee Production

Coffee is a beverage that is most in demand by the public. From teenagers to the elderly, a day they did not miss enjoying a coffee. Coffee was delicious drink while relaxing or hanging with friends. Currently not just drink coffee roadside, but has evolved into a classy drinks in cafes famous.

Given Indonesia is an agrarian country, then Indonesia’s coffee production is also very high. Indonesia became the third country in the world’s largest coffee producer after Brazil and Vietnam. Coffee is also a top priority agricultural productivity in Indonesia. This coffee into a commodity that continues to be developed production and marketing.

The area and the fertile land in Indonesia into a commodity abundance of coffee. Indonesia does have a vast estate area, so do not be surprised if Indonesia’s coffee production is very abundant.

Indonesian Coffee ProductionThe most famous varieties of coffee are Arabica and Robusta. However, Indonesia also has several kinds of coffee itself, such as civet coffee, Toraja coffee, coffee Lanang, Kintamani coffee, coffee Aceh Gayo, Wamena coffee, coffee Flores Bajawa, and Java coffee. The types of coffee in Indonesia has a distinctive aroma and flavor. Indonesia’s coffee production alone is certainly not inferior to coffees produced by the oversea.

According to statistics in 2015, Indonesia’s coffee production increased. Region of Java and Sumatra, coffee production reached 532 413 tonnes and 102 446 tonnes. Indonesia’s coffee production is another such region Nusa Tenggara and Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi is also high. While total Indonesia’s coffee production in 2015 was 739 005 tonnes. Sumatra is the region’s largest coffee producer in Indonesia because the region has a land suitable for growing coffee.

The high production of coffee Indonesia also encourage the export of this commodity. In 2012 alone, the coffee export value increased by 17.49% over the previous year. The government itself continues to strive to increase Indonesia’s coffee production. This is done by holding exhibitions and education to businesses coffee coffee. These activities are expected to improve the quality and production of coffee Indonesia.


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