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Wood Carving Art In Lombok and Bali

Lombok is the most tourist spot frequented by foreign tourists apart from Bali. Not only are attractive tourist spot, Lombok also has a wood carving. Lombok is one of the areas in Indonesia which produce carvings from wood. Labuapi village is a village that is very well known to be the central of the timber. Labuapi village located in West Lombok. Lombok handicraft wood carving is very unique and the motive was unique as well, so the wood carving of Labuapi village, West Lombok can compete in the market with wood carvings from other areas in Indonesia. The products are very famous woodcut of this Labuapi village is carved mask a very diverse kinds.

   Here are some of the masks that can be found in the village Labuapi are:
1. Mask King
2. Mask penggawa
3. Mask Jero Buling
4. Arrange Mask

Not just a mask that can be found in the village this Labuapi, other engraving products can be found here, which are for daily use to items that are just as decoration. Usually the motive in the Labuapi wood carving wood carving about customs and life of one of the tribes in Lombok which Sasak tribe.

indonesian handicraftsComplexity of motives and carvings made by citizens Labuapi create a motif that is very difficult to diciplak or imitated. This proves that, the product carving of Labuapi more specific and unique character. As for the types of wood are often used in the manufacture of wood carving this wood is mahogany. Mahogany has a good quality, so it is an option Mahogany wood Labuapi citizens resident Labuapi to manufacture wood carvings. However, supply or stock of Mahogany wood which is quite limited considering mahogany trees is one of the now famous trees are protected by the relevant agencies (government).

This has become an obstacle in the process of making wood carving that is a business for this Labuapi villagers. Of wood carving in Lombok we switched to wood carving on the island of Bali. Wood carving in Bali include household appliance and in the form of a mask. These masks carved by the artist carved in Bali, and the result was perfect and outstanding. Carving masks made very detailed so much favored by tourists. Ubud is one of the producing regions mask carving, wood crafts Bali has a distinctive motif namely kingdoms relic of the past which is carving a very rich meaning and history.

In the process of making wood carving in Bali is used teak, wood and wood Cempaka Moja Echoes. There are several villages in Bali which became the center of a very famous wood carvings are:
1. Desa Mas in Ubud
2. Village Tangep On Mengwi
3. Village Peke Belayu
4. Rural Marga In Tabanan
The longer the life of the wood carving, it is also increasingly popular, both local tourists and foreign tourists, and this is used as the business world in the field of wood carving for artists in Bali.

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