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Wood Carving Indonesia is Valuable National Cultural Heritage

Indonesia’s natural wealth is very broad in scope ranging from Sabang to Merauke sprawling across Indonesia. Indonesia has various types of children’s work are very many of them are hereditary legacy which until today still preserved. As these works are as follows:

The Art of woodcarving
• Culinary
• Dance
• Singing
• Custom home
• Traditional clothes

Of the overall work that is the cultural heritage of Indonesia precious and must be preserved. Sculpture is the work of the nation that is proud of Indonesia.
Craft wood carvings scattered in various areas in Indonesia include:
1. Jepara
2. Yogyakarta
3. Solo
4. Bali
5. Kalimantan
6. Sulawesi

And many producing areas other wood crafts. The works of wooden handicrafts has also been well-known to foreign countries. There are two areas producing wooden handicrafts are quite popular in Indonesia, Yogyakarta and Toraja is located in South Sulawesi.
Yogyakarta area is one area in Central Java that produce handicraft products such as wooden carvings with various motifs and shapes. The handicraft products are in the following forms:
• Chairs
• Table
• Wall decoration
• Mask
• Ashtray

indonesian arts and handicrafts
Krebet hamlet is located 15 km from Yogyakarta which is a regional producer of craft carving batik.
Expertise than wood craftsmen in this village is Krebet wooden batik. Then the motive engravings and batik was no longer one carving craft called the Kasatriyan. Kasatriyan is a wood carving of the oldest and historic in the palace of Yogyakarta which is a set of musical instruments palace. Carving and musical instruments Kasatriyan not just carving alone, but has a deep meaning, the meaning of human life philosophy / tell a story in life.

Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia which has a cultural heritage very much. Bali is one of the most important tourist destinations of Indonesia. Many foreign travelers ranging from Asia to other continents are very familiar with Bali. The tourists who visit and holiday to Bali to get a lot of pleasure. Not just a place for nature and the sea are famous, but Bali presenting a very strong cultural tourism that never-ending. Cultural heritage owned by the island of Bali is the art of wood carving. Ranging from the size of the timber used for household appliance and up to the masks which are handicraft products Bali called Bali carving. Bali has a whole range of masks and mask shape, which is where most of the mask is used as equipment or accessories in art activities like dance.

Not only masks only wood crafts produced by artisans carved in Bali, there are many more types of carvings produced that have meaning and history and also the motif used was a motive kingdoms relic of the past.
The common characteristics of carving Bali are:
• concave and convex shaped carvings which is a combination of concave and convex.
• shaped carvings of flowers, leaves and fruit.
In addition to having common characteristics carving Bali also has special characteristics, namely:
• Have a typical benangan (convex and slightly sloping.
• On the tweezers, the tip-shaped curls.
• There is a growing sunggar shape of the tip of the leaf curls staple yarn.
• Have the same simbar example simbar at Padjadjaran motif and Majapahit and also makes special-shaped sculpture is called the Balinese handicraft products.
• There shards radiating lines on the principal leaf carvings and there are also fragments cawen creeping on leaf carvings Patran.
In addition it also sells souvenirs island of Bali that can be used as souvenirs and souvenir when you visit this paradise island.

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